An introduction to the company

As one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of electric heating elements, we offer our customers only high-quality products featuring the very latest state-of-the-art technology.

Our range includes electric underfloor heating systems for indoor use; outdoor underfloor heating systems for keeping exterior areas, roofs and gutters free of snow and ice; pipe trace heating systems to protect pipes from frost; and heated rugs for personal comfort.

We process our heating cables from resistance wire to granules to the finished product. That means we can meet all your extrusion, binding, assembling and testing needs from a single source.

New products are designed and tested in our cutting-edge development department.

Thanks to our extensive machinery, we can cater to special requirements flexibly. For custom products, we adapt the size and performance to perfectly match the conditions.

Delivery and declaration of our products individually as OEM version (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is possible at any time.

In order to guarantee the highest safety standards, our products carry internationally recognised certificates such as VDE, BEAB, IEC and CE.

We welcome questions, suggestions and feedback. Please do not hesitate to call our Free Hotline on 0800 4638222.

A few facts and figures:

- Company founded 1991
- Over 20 years’ product experience
- Customers in over 35 countries
- Export quota 63%
- 27 distribution centres worldwide
- Products are "made in Germany"

Your contact

We look forward to your call! +49 (0)6103 / 5906 - 50
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