Benefits for heating costs

Energy from socket outlets is the most expensive energy of all, but efficient use of thermostats can actually make electric heating very reasonably priced. As with any type of heating, consumption naturally depends largely on the existing heat insulation in the house and user behaviour.

  • Compared to other heating systems, the investment costs for electric underfloor heating are extremely low.
  • Customised installation of the heating elements means that only selected areas are heated. Each area can be activated separately..
  • Power consumption of 160 W per m² is only required during the heating-up phase.
  • Once the floor has reached the desired temperature, the activated controller switches the heating off. When the underfloor heating drops by 0.4 ºC, it is switched on again
  • In order to keep the heat constant, the underfloor heating system now only needs around 10-15 W to cover this 0.4 ºC differential.
  • Classic heating appliances consume less oil or gas thanks to the heat from the underfloor heating. This is an added source of savings.
  • If the desired floor temperature is reached due to sunlight or other heat sources, the underfloor heating switches off again. Therefore no additional power is consumed.