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  • We provide you with customised and expert advice
  • We draw up your installation plans
  • We offer you a 20-year guarantee on our panel heating systems provided they are correctly installed
  • We provide you with information about floor structure
  • Provision of advertising materials such as flyers, demo boards, samples etc.
  • Delivery and declaration of our products as OEM version (Original Equipment Manufacturer), including individuell Delivery in multilingual 4-colour glossy box possible
  • Generation and labelling of EAN codes
  • Customs handling for foreign customers
Demo Boards


We deliver most products to our customers within 48 hours by parcel service or shipping.
Within 24 hours by Express Service if requested

Call our free Service Hotline on:
0800 / 4638222 (only Germany)
+49 (0)69 / 677 353 - 0

As a dealer, we can provide you with fully functional demo boards on request

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