Gutter heating to protect gutters and pipes in winter

Whether on private houses or company grounds – a perfect roof drainage must be ensured, and especially in winter.

It is precisely here where we offer gutter heating solutions in the form of high-quality heating cables for gutters and downpipes. A gutter heater keeps gutters and downpipes free of snow and ice and prevents damage such as the bending of gutters when subjected to high snow loads or the bursting of pipes due to freezing.
It can also prevent roof avalanches from originating as well as icicles that easily form in the winter cold and which pose a potential hazard to people, animals and canopies or similar. The heating cables are 100 % made in Germany and high quality. You will receive a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee on each heater for the gutter.

Easy installation of the heating cables and individual advice

For complete prevention of snow and ice in winter, we recommend gutter heating along the entire gutter and associated downpipe.
The cables can be installed very easily – ideally when it's still warm outside, as then the pipe trace heaters or heating cables can be routed optimally without damaging them.
The heating for the gutter is supplied ready for connection in the required length. This is derived from the connection points including frost meter. The gutter heating does not require any maintenance.

Do you have any questions on the gutter heating and what length you require?
Would you like to know whether a heating cable for the gutter is worthwhile for you?
We can give you answers to these and any other questions.
Individual and professional advice is a matter of course for us.

Please feel free to call our free Servicehotline 0800 / 46 38 222 or send us an E-Mail.


  • Version as heating cable 20W/30W per metre