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ARak TWIN FH B and FH A heating mat for outdoor areas, one PTC thermistor, 300 W/m2

ARak outdoor underfloor heating systems are used to prevent ice forming on steps, footways, terraces, driveways, bridges, ramps, loading zones, road surfaces etc.

The risk of accidents is minimised since surfaces are kept free of snow and ice at all times, and there is no need to use spreadable de-icing agents that can cause damage to the environment or buildings.

Laying the heating elements close to the surface ensures optimum, energy-saving heat distribution.

ARak outdoor underfloor heating systems offer the following superb features:

  • Quick and easy to install. The heating cable is stitched onto a fibreglass mesh at evenly spaced intervals to ensure uniform heat output.
  • The heating mat can be adapted to fit any space by cutting and folding over the fibreglass mesh.
  • Fully assembled, with 3 m PTC thermistor connection cable on one side only.
  • Absolutely no maintenance or wear-and-tear.
  • Sophisticated, intelligent control technology means energy-saving control of the ARak heating mats.
  • Protection class II, protection category IP X7.
  • ARak outdoor underfloor heating systems are manufactured in compliance with the pan-European VDE standards DIN EN 60335-1, DIN EN 60335-2 and DIN EN 50366.
  • Can be supplied in sizes ranging from 2.0 m² to 18.0 m². Reinforcement mesh 1.0 metres wide.
  • The connection cable is also suitable for installation in the types of flooring stated below:
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Areas of application:

  • Version for screed, concrete bed or sand bed.
  • Version specially designed for melted asphalt
  • Installation temperature: short duration 240 ºC.
  • Version as heating cable, 20 W/30 W per metre
  • Installation directly onto the soil or on structual steel mats