Felt air temperature helps save energy

Even without conventional underfloor heating systems, you do not need to go without the comfort and luxury of warm floors. Whether in a new or renovated building, cold feet are a thing of the past thanks to the RMS underfloor heating system. It is ideal for temperature regulation of children’s rooms and bathrooms, kitchens, recreation rooms, conservatories, holiday homes, garden houses, offices, showrooms and salerooms – everywhere where comfort and a pleasant indoor climate are needed.

Made-to-measure heat

Underfloor heating is laid invisibly in the floor and controlled with an electric thermostat. The heat output over a large area (radiant heat) across the whole floor surface generates a very pleasant and comfortable indoor climate. The room temperature can thus be lowered by 1-2 degrees Celsius compared to conventional heating systems with radiators, without any perceived reduction in warmth. Intelligent electronic individual-room control means the temperature can be regulated individually for every room, and each room can be heated depending on the times when it is used. This saves money and protects the environment.

Hygienic and healthy

People who are allergic to house dust can literally breathe easy because the gentle radiant heat causes only a minimum temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling.

This means that air movement is slight, resulting in minimum transport and agitation of dust. On the temperature-regulated surfaces, it is very difficult for bacteria, mould and above all dust mites to survive, because the heat removes moisture from the surface.

An RMS underfloor heating system is therefore particularly recommended for people who suffer from allergies. Underfloor heating is also beneficial for the health of children, as they spend a lot of time on the floor, particularly in the early years of their lives.

Design freedom

The RMS underfloor heating system is laid invisibly in the floor, which offers many advantages for architects and building contractors. Rooms can be designed with total freedom, since no heating appliances need to be accommodated and optimum use of space is guaranteed. All wall surfaces are available for use in their entirety.

A further benefit of the RMS underfloor heating system that should not be underestimated is the value it adds to your property. All other conditions being equal, the market value of underfloor-heated properties is generally higher than that of those with conventional heating.

Simple installation

The pre-assembled heating elements of the RMS underfloor heating system can be laid quickly and easily in the adhesive bed with minimum construction labour. The mounting mesh can be cut for flexible adaptation to fit the space.